Super Amplified


High Voltage Magic – Super Amplified

This show is Tim’s most ambitious production yet- a stage show extravaganza! HVM- Super Amplified includes Tim’s electrified performance along with other award winning magicians, comedians, local TV personalities, bubbly assistants and maybe even a showgirl or two. Mixing equal parts of comedy, illusions and stunt juggling are what keep the audience entertained during this performance. Completely original routines like the Straight-Jacket Unicycle Escape and the Blues Brothers Melting Thru Steel Illusion are just a few of the unique highlights you will see in this show. This performance has something to appeal to every audience member. Hilarious interactions between the performers themselves and the audience members keep the laughs rolling in. This is certainly a full evening of super amplified entertainment.

To plan a complete event with everything from themed décor to live music and the inclusion of this powerful HVM- Super Amplified show, please contact Tim St. John direct and he will be happy to help coordinate this spectacular evening with you!

“I really appreciated seeing stage performing in this aspect. Not only did Tim act but his true talent and creativeness helped the shows directors bring life to this show with his genius juggling performance in portraying Dennis Christopher’grand illusionist character.”
John Pyper-Ferguson ::: Actor • The Watcher Television Series

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